Adopting on a Budget

A question that some parents ask themselves when considering adoption: should I pick an adoption agency based on price? The short answer is, not unless you are into waiting several years to adopt. Many parents who consider adoption as a way of growing their family come from varied economic backgrounds. Some start down the path of domestic infant adoption with a budget that is much lower than average of $37,000.  They pick a small agency that fits within their budget. If this is you, marketing your profile can decrease the wait.

If AdWords and SEO are not a part of the agency’s budget, it falls to you to overcome the lack of visibility. Most likely they are relying solely on relationships with churches, jails and hospitals as a way of connecting with birth moms. If that is the only strategy, the agency will only place a few babies each year.

If your budget dictates that you stay with a small, budget friendly agency, your best bet is to create social media accounts and post weekly. Be consistent. Link each post back to your online profile. Put contact information in each post.  Use hashtags. Be available. Don’t compromise your identity. Make the images and content count without sounding needy. Use an online profile creation and marketing service like Parentfinder. We can help you do all of that and more.