A Letter from Kyle’s Sister

Hello Expectant Mother,

Though we’ve not met, we are writing to introduce our family and to thank you for having the courage and strength to consider all options for your child.  As sister and brother-in-law to Kyle and Christina, we can attest to the type of family life with which your child will grow.

Raising four children ourselves, we recognize the important qualities that make outstanding parents.  We see these qualities in abundance when Kyle and Christina interact with their own daughter as well as our children. The love, patience, caring, and understanding are immediately evident.  Moreover, these qualities are exhibited in their personal and professional relationships as well. We consider them to be hugely successful in both arenas.

In reinforcement of Kyle and Christina, we are a large and very tight knit extended family.   Beyond the obligatory holidays, we see each other regularly. Whether we are attending events to support each other or just visiting, our shared time together is greatly valued.  The point is, as an extension of their family, we are equally excited to welcome and love another new addition.


Kyle’s sister